CryptoCloud Brand Guide

Our brand guide is a key tool for communicating CryptoCloud's vision, mission, and values to our customers and partners.

With this guide, we strive to ensure the consistency and integrity of our brand across all platforms and all forms of communication.

The CryptoCloud brand guide is designed to make things easier for everyone who interacts with our brand and provides clear instructions for logos, color palettes, typography, and web components such as payment method designations and payment buttons.

Including a valid CryptoCloud listing and cryptocurrency payment option on your website highlights your commitment to innovation and customer convenience and can significantly increase conversions and sales. This gives customers additional payment options and sets your business apart from the competition by demonstrating a cutting-edge approach to financial transactions.

Whether you're adding branded payment icons to your checkout or creating promotional material, these guidelines will ensure that every interaction with CryptoCloud is empowered by the trust, innovation and professionalism that are the foundation of our brand.

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