CryptoCloud Logo

The CryptoCloud logo combines a modern design with a clear message of reliability, accessibility and innovation, making it the perfect representation of a cryptocurrency payment system.

The CryptoCloud logo includes a stylized image of a cloud comprising three overlapping circles. This symbolizes cloud technology and is associated with a global community and user interconnectedness. The top circle, with a coin-shaped element, hints at the brand's financial focus and cryptocurrency aspect.


A logo can work effectively in both color and monochrome versions. When choosing between alternative versions of the logo, it is important to consider the overall color scheme of the material on which it will be used to ensure the best recognition and readability.

First variant of logo placement

Additional logo placement options

Download the archive below to learn about all the logo options. The files are available in SVG and PNG formats.

Clear space

A certain clear space around the CryptoCloud logo must be maintained to ensure its visual impact and clarity.

The minimum distance on all four sides must be at least the width of the left circle in the cloud.

The free space must be strictly adhered to in all marketing and branding materials.

Improper logo usage

In order to maintain CryptoCloud's brand identity and professional image, it is important to follow established standards for logo usage. The following are examples of unacceptable changes:

Alteration of proportions:

  • Distortion of the proportions of the logo by stretching, shrinking, or making other transformations that disrupt the original size and shape.

  • Change of the relative size of logo elements, such as enlarging or reducing a cloud compared to the text.

Color changes:

  • Use of custom colors that do not match the brand's approved color palette.

  • Application of transparency or use of shades that reduce the contrast and readability of the logo.

Adding elements:

  • Insertion of any external elements or effects such as shadows, outlines, additional patterns or textures.

  • Placement of the logo on complex or overly bright backgrounds that interfere with visual perception.

Adaptations and modifications:

  • Separate spelling of the CryptoCloud brand name.

  • Creation of custom versions of the logo or adaptations that have not been approved by the brand.

  • Modifications to font, color, composition, or other key aspects of the design.

Using third-party elements:

  • The combination of the logo with other logos, marks, or text without adhering to established clear space or other brand standards.

Contextual use:

  • Use of the logo in contexts that could be construed as negative or harmful to the brand's reputation.

  • Use of the logo in humorous, satirical or ironic materials without prior approval.

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